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Playable Race: Draakan

The Draakan is a species of Humanoid reptiles whose military strength appears to focus on defense more than offensive capabilities. One could classify them as real-life dragons with their natural “fire breathing” capabilities, sharp teeth & claws and an overall beastly, but slim appearance.


The Draakan military force is mostly defensive, heavily utilizing shields and repulsor systems whenever possible. This means that Draakan vehicles generally are built using light and ultralight chassis. Pilots for said vehicles are then instructed to rely more on the agility and minimize the amount of incoming damage. There are of course certain exceptions, such as their APC which is built to help ensure safe transportation of troops, supplies and the wounded.

Their tactics are often focused around extreme minimization of casualties which typically reduces their offensive capabilities but their defense is top notch. That being said, the Draakan are better suited to support or defensive roles.


Name Structure Type
Turret Point Defense


Name Vehicle Type
NR-6 Scout Aerial

Vehicular Weapons / Augments

Name Type Usable On
Six Missile Pod Missiles All Vehicles
Heavy Personal Shield Kinetic Defense Augmentation Ground Vehicles
Thermal Guidance System Missile Guidance All Vehicles
Flare Launcher Thermal Countermeasure All Vehicles
Flame Thrower Thermal Weapon Ground Vehicles

Infantry Weapons / Augments

Name Type
Personal Shield Kinetic Defense Augmentation
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