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Birth of Legends

There should be basic information on the races, weapons, vehicles and game modes added to this entire section and generally much more well written information.

Birth of Legends is an FPS/RTS combination that borrows a lot of ideas from the game Battlezone 1998 or more specifically, BattleZone: Rise of the Black Dogs as that was among my list of favorite games for the Nintendo 64 when I was younger. Birth of Legends not only improves upon the concepts of BattleZone, but it also implements plenty of its own such as the idea of a base seed.

Playable Races

Common Name

Game Modes

Name Short Description
DeathMatch Kill everything that moves.
Strategy Multiplayer FPS/RTS mash. This is equivalent to Battlezone's Strategy gamemode.
Retrieval Secure the alien relics.
War Given a handful of scrap, players must bash each other.
Apocalypse One player is given command control of a hostile alien force for others to defend against.

BattleZone is freely available for download here.

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