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Robert MacGregor

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I am a Pittsburgh Technical Institute (now Pittsburgh Technical College) computer programming graduate and I enjoy writing code. I enjoy code so much that I'm often found writing it even in my free time. My favorite language is C++ because of the amount of freedom I have to make my code do essentially anything I desire. Though I'm also capable in Java, Lua and Torque Script (kudos if anyone knows about that!). I enjoy writing games and simulations as the inherent complexities in how all the components interact and spit out intelligent AI behavior in realistic worlds intrigue me. I have made Multi User Chat Kingdom servers in Python, a basic top down tank game in VB.NET and I have even worked on enhancing the aged AI code in Tribes 2. My more practical projects include delegates and deferred callers for C++11 and a work in progress Lua meta compiler also for C++11.

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My interest in software engineering stemmed from my interest in what my deceased mother (since 2003) would do on the computer when I was a child. I've seen her using what was probably Photoshop (or some alike) as well as programs that I now recognize as being Dark Basic Classic, but those themselves are just vague memories that I can't even really verify. Alongside of a general intrigue with what the technology industry has to offer, I am very certain she would be proud of what I have since become and am still growing into.

Games: Entertainment & Educational

I've started my actual programming experience making mods for Tribes 2 which involved writing code in a very peculiar language known as Torque Script which is specific to the Torque Game Engine and is actually used in the more modern successor of that engine known as Torque3D. That has gotten me essentially six years worth of general programming experience and 6 years of expertise its scripting language along with the general workings of the engine. There was a player on there who went by the name of “Naosyth” that had helped get me on the track of modding the game with a short introduction to the datablock system and the basic syntax of the language by using a Metallic Construction mod server as the playground.

Baby Steps

I started off writing simple chat commands for Construction .70a, which were all eventually considered, personally, my own mod which I had dubbed “DDDX Mod”. Not much of the mod exists at this point in time, presumably due to poor data backup habits at the time which I now regret nearly eight years later writing this.

Eventually I began work on the Tribes 2: Birth of Legends mod which in reality has almost no correlation to the Birth of Legends project. It was intended to be Tribes 2 game-play infused with various RPG elements in an open sandbox type world. The only relation to the Birth of Legends project now is that it also featured the playable race, the Draakan in a form that is fairly comparable to how they are now. It was a ambitious project at the time, and it stretched the engine to its breaking points.

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